Sabtu, 24 November 2012

My Family

hari rabu kemarin dalam pelajaran English Conversation yang merupakan salah satu pelajaran di SMA Negeri 8 Tangerang aku di tes untuk menceritakan tentang MY FAMILY. wahh  seru ya? aku cerita ini nh
My Family
i think my family is a big family. there are seven people in my family. they are my father, my mother, three brothers, my sister and me. my father is a worker. i think he is the best father for me, because he always gives me advice and support about my study. you know, i seldom see him angry. my mother is a housewife. she always be there for me. i love my parents very much, i want to make them proud with me. 
i am second child, so' i have one older brother his name is syarif. syarif and me share about our problems. and my younger brothers , their name are Hanif and Hakam. i also have one sister , her name are Kultsum. she always sleep beside me in our room.
in the last i want to say to may family "thanks for be the best family for me".

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